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This depiction of Roodaka rather shows her in what would be described as a dominant position over a fallen enemy, which suits her just ...

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Held you for a Moment
“Yes, Moonracer?”
“What is that?” The minty teal femme winced a little as she knelt down to examine a strange organic creature that had flitted underneath the rock at her feet.  
She had accompanied the scientist outside the Ark to help him install several environmental sensors on and around the mountain. It may not have been the smartest thing to do in her current condition. Earlier that morning during field training she’d managed to do a number on her ankle when she had stepped down on the edge of a small rock, twisting and rolling the articulate joint. It had hurt terribly, but on the battlefield she wouldn’t be able to slow down for an injury as minor as that, so she certainly hadn’t allowed it to slow her down in training either.
She knew she should have had it looked at. The medics were constantly scolding her for waiting so long to get treatment for her injuries, but Perceptor had asked her to help h
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Moonracer's 28 - Dancing
Author's Note: WARNING! Extreme sappiness ahead. I was in a very mushy kind of mood when I wrote this, so I am really sorry for the sappy fluff that resulted. Please forgive me.
Chapter 3 –Dancing
The crisp air of a cool and peaceful desert night filled the intakes of the lone mech that stood only a few paces from the entrance of the Ark. His calm, blue optics gazed steadily up into the night, taking in the sight of the countless stars that speckled the sky overhead.  His arms hung loosely at his sides as he let the serenity of the natural environment calm his systems.
Perceptor had come out here seeking refuge from the chaotic atmosphere of the Autobot recreation room. He had resisted when Ratchet and Wheeljack had come to drag him out of his lab. A party was not exactly the reclusive scientist’s environment of choice. “Take a break!” they’d said. “You’re working too hard.” Of course he was working too hard. They were on
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TFP: Yield or else by Larbesta TFP: Yield or else :iconlarbesta:Larbesta 1,424 150 TFP: Season2  Ep. 07 by streetcat11 TFP: Season2 Ep. 07 :iconstreetcat11:streetcat11 73 15 TFP: DRUUUUUUUGGGGSSSS pt 1 by EnvySkort TFP: DRUUUUUUUGGGGSSSS pt 1 :iconenvyskort:EnvySkort 662 106 SEVERAL IDIOTS WALK INTO A BAR by EnvySkort SEVERAL IDIOTS WALK INTO A BAR :iconenvyskort:EnvySkort 224 23 Morning Light by ChronosAbyss Morning Light :iconchronosabyss:ChronosAbyss 119 33 Greed by Popetti Greed :iconpopetti:Popetti 188 12 Catching Up by Wrecker-lady Catching Up :iconwrecker-lady:Wrecker-lady 221 33 Secret Santa for locoexlaimer by Wrecker-lady Secret Santa for locoexlaimer :iconwrecker-lady:Wrecker-lady 149 32 Airachnid x Breakdown by Wrecker-lady Airachnid x Breakdown :iconwrecker-lady:Wrecker-lady 223 65 Moonracer TFP style by Raikoh-illust Moonracer TFP style :iconraikoh-illust:Raikoh-illust 550 28 Duststorm from Transformers Universe by M-Zoner Duststorm from Transformers Universe :iconm-zoner:M-Zoner 115 35 Optical Optimus by JobbytheHong Optical Optimus :iconjobbythehong:JobbytheHong 22 41




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